Molten Footballs – The technology behind the brand

Molten is the world’s leading ball manufacturer and an internationally recognised brand. It is reknowned world-wide for the exceptional quality of its ball products and its advanced technical know-how. This is reflected in the many international competitions and tournaments in which Molten balls are the official game balls. For example, the Molten G-Series basketball is the official game ball for all FIBA international event’s worldwide up to 2016; while many of the Molten balls, from footballs to volleyballs, carry international federation approval including that of FIFA, FIBA, FIVA and IHF.

Power, Balance, Control: ACENTEC (“accuracy enhancing technology”) Redefines Them All


* The above illustrates the construction of VANTAGGIO ACENTEC; however, other Molten balls also incorporate ACENTEC.

Perfectly-balanced ball weight. A ball not affected by the weather. The ball is perfectly balanced, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Even in the rain, superb water resistance enables players to control the ball as if in normal weather.
(Water-absorption : 1/2 of Molten’s normal balls)

The specially-coated ball surface (patent pending) minimizes print scrape-off and keeps the ball looking new. Each panel has been printed with the “under-glass” method, renewing the traditional black and white soccer ball design image.

A perfect spherical shape, an accurate trajectory, outstanding durability and soft feel; satisfying all the demands placed on a top-quality ball requires precise manufacturing, advanced technology and superior craftsmanship. Molten carry out strict quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process. A ball needs to pass every one of these inspections before it is adorn it with the Molten logo, a symbol of uncompromising quality.
1. A strengthening fabric, specially developed for Molten hand-sewn footballs, is coated with glue.
  2. Next, the synthetic leather and the strengthening fabric are glued together tightly.
  3. The panels are cut out using a cutting machine.
  4. The quality of each of the leather panels is checked. A hole for the valve opening is cut into one of the panels.
5. The Molten logo and text is printed onto the surface using a special ink.
  6. The panels are weighed to determine the weight of the bladder. Super-strength glue prevents the valve opening and the panels from coming apart.
  7. The panels are sewn together by hand. Even the most highly skilled worker needs about three hours to finish a single ball.
  8. The finished ball is weighed.


9. The ball’s circumference is carefully measured.
  10. The overall look and feel is checked according to strict criteria.
  11. Only balls that pass all of these tests are allowed to leave the factory.

Molten hand-sewn footballs have better durability and bounce and softer feel, thanks to the specially constructed composite leather and backing materials.

Composite material specially designed for Molten Footballs. High-quality material with a soft feel as well as strength and durability.

Special cloth made from polyester and cotton with natural rubber latex. The ratio of these elements is determined to ensure optimum durability, feel, rebound height, and other criteria.

Special thread made of high-tensile polyester to keep the seam tight.

To minimize air leakage, the bladders inside Molten sports balls use a special compound rubber made from butyl, with far better air permeability than natural rubber. Balls intended for use on grass use latex bladders.

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